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5 days ago

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Timeline PhotosWelcome back PAKISTAN!
And what a welcome I received!

It was a much needed break to refresh the system, and at the same time I was given a contrast situation to experience just how grateful I am to be exploring this extraordinary country.

When asked recently for a podcast which place or people I connect with the most, without hesitation I said- the East, more specifically- countries like Pakistan.


Typically when I go home or visit a “western city”, I feel completely lost and depressed. People are so caught up in their self perpetuated “busy” lives that they don’t care about the people around them. In the case of my recent trip to Malaga, I would smile at everyone I passed, only to receive a scowl in return. In fact; the only person I connected with, was the Kurdish man at the felafel restaurant. And after my fiasco with the staff at Turkish Airlines and treated sub-human, it was re affirmed that most people in western society really aren’t bothered about others’ feelings, unless it directly benefits or affects them.

Witnessing this polarity reminds me again and again- why I choose to travel in these regions- to show you real humanity.

Upon arriving back to the north of Pakistan, I was greeted with kind and enthusiastic smiles, warm Salams and a special gift. I went into a small shop in the local bazaar, and was kindly greeted by the shopkeeper. Upon asking for the total of my purchases, the shop walah says, “no ma’am, you are a guest in our country, and I would like to gift this to you. Please come to my home to meet my wife and family and to have some chai and local food”. I gratefully accepted.

If we all took our time out to give others our presence and intentionally make someone’s day, how much better would our world be ?

Glad to be back PAKISTAN 🇵🇰💗

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BB Travel n Tours

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