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Girl visits 196 countries, says Pakistan is the BEST

Pakistan rated top destination by the British Backpacker Society despite travel warnings, Lonely Planet

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(31-May-2019)  By Emma Thomson

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about the wonderful 2 weeks I spent in PAKISTAN earlier this year… It’s truly one of the most underrated countries on earth!

Have you ever been before? What do you like/dislike about it?

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10 Things I Love About PAKISTAN

My time in Pakistan has sadly come to an end, and words cannot describe how incredible the last 2 weeks of my life have been. I came into this country scared, nervous and intimidated by what I had heard on the media… and I am leaving with the biggest smile on my face, knowing that this might be the most special country in the world. By special, I mean incredibly hospitable, deliciously tasty, shockingly beautiful and just absolutely perfect in every other category.Join me in my final video of this series, where I explain 10 things I love about Pakistan. I hope you enjoyed watching my content here, and if any of you have had your perspectives changed about Pakistan (even a little bit), please share below because I’d love to hear your feedback!Follow Drew Binsky for daily travel videos, and come find me on the Instagram @drewbinsky! The journey continues soon to AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ 🙂

Posted by Drew Binsky on Sunday, April 7, 2019

If you haven’t used Pinterest for travel planning and destination ideas yet, today is the day to get started.  What I love from finding travel inspiration on Pinterest as opposed to Instagram is you can save your ideas on your own relevant boards, and each of those eye-catching beautiful images typically have stories and in-depth tips attached to them.

Not only can you find new destination ideas, but you can find relevant content and tips for the destination you have chosen to travel to next.

It’s very powerful. We love it, not just for our own research, but because it’s a great place for us to get our own travel content to those hungry for ideas.  (speaking of hungry, I use it to find yummy recipes too!) We’ve written a post to help you know how to use Pinterest for travel planning.

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